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Nov 8, 2011
@ 2:42 pm


So yesterday was my cashier training with my fellow co-worker who I also met from the group interview. I already didn’t feel well at all when I woke up which was 530 AM! It was quite insane. Anyways, as I tried getting ready, I had to keep breathing in and out and felt super insanely nauseous. I don’t know why but I felt sick to my stomach. I had a bad headache the night before when I woke up from my nap than it ruined my sleep schedule. I tried going sleep but I just felt weird. I usually get nauseous all the time but this was was real bad. How did I know? Usually when I go outside and drive somewhere, it goes away but this time, oh boy, it stayed. As I arrived to the mall, I wanted to throw up so bad because I had to parked on the 4th level structure and used the elevator to go down. Bad idea! After that, I felt like I had to yak! So I tried finding the nearest bathroom and it was closed! So I had to suck it up haha. Got into work and I was already feeling it. In the middle of training, I had to ask my trainer where the bathroom was and I let it out. 

Thought everything was fine, but I was wrong. Around 10 in the morning, we’re having our 15 minute break. Almost to the end as I walked out with my co-worker to look at the make-up, I had to go… AGAIN. I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me but what’s more embarrassing was my trainer and the store manager was talking and heard me yakked. As I walked out, my trainer asked me if I wanted to go home early and that she totally understands if I want to go home during training. I told her no and that I can totally do this. She kept making sure if that’s what I really want to do. I told her if I yak again than I’ll go home and she said it was fine.

So after training, we had to do a live training with actual customers. I already felt better as I chugged a lot of water. It was nice to know the staff was concerned about me and making sure I was okay. Damn, talk about super embarrassing moments. I just had to feel horrible on my first day of training. I hope they see that even tho I didn’t feel well, I still made to work on time, went through training, stayed after yakking, did well with the live training, and made it through the scheduled time. I have to say, I’m quite proud of myself, haha. I really don’t know what made me sick. I really think it was the food at ihop. Damn, shouldn’t rely on those bogo coupons! I know it has to be something that night because when I got home, I already felt blah.

Well that is all my pandas! Hope this story didn’t want to make you yak!

- nettie